Reinvented Wisdom

Fake it ’til you make it.

What is the purpose of a short blast of wisdom like this?

It is a general experience shrink wrapped into a few words. Hopefully, other people can benefit by following the advice. And many people do. Without further thought or question. This could explain the unsettling number of savants and celebrities with doubtful qualifications clamoring for our attention.

A word is a nest of possibilities. An invitation to define a meaning, or a worldview. With skill, a word can dare expectations, even defy your understanding of yourself, why you deserve to exist.

Learning English, or any language, is more than remembering what words mean. Learning to be a person in the world is a daily navigation through nuances of shared understanding and expectations. So, mastery of a language, more than having command of an impressive vocabulary, is realizing its deeper intent and potential.

Let’s look at a few words in this saying.

Fake: If you were sold a fake, you would be demand your money back. A fake of something is worthless. To fake something is given less backlash. It is almost a badge of honor to say you can confidently bluff your way through a situation. You get credit for guts.

Make: “I’ve got a few miles to go before I make it home.” In this case, this is how you talk about reaching or getting to a goal.

’til: Now this is an underappreciated word. Short for “until”, this little word implies it will take some time for you to achieve success.

So, this wisdom tells you that posing as someone you aren’t or to have some knowledge or ability that one does not really have – until – you are accepted as such, is a good thing.

What if we decided to put forth another vision of success? What if we unleashed the power of our creativity, our ability to make something from nothing, to recreate this simple formula for success to ask:

Why fake it you can make it?

We don’t need advice telling us what to do as much as we need to ask ourselves if we can do it better.

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