Power Loves Pizza


A big meeting, like a utility plant, needs power to light up the world.

Those are the rooms where energy crackles, the air sizzles with excitement, visionary people hobnob.

And you?

You want to be in there, too. 

You have a lot to add, a lot to say, a lot of passion to make good things happen.

Chances are there you are not the only one with your nose pressed up against the window looking in. There are only so many chairs around that table. 

Talk to a few of your nearest and dearest over pizza and see if they, too, want the same things you do.

Have your own meeting. Invite a few more people to make it a little bigger.

Making space for others is an often overlooked superpower. It gives people something that they want on a deep level which is, the chance to be heard. To be able to tell others what they care about. To know that what they say will be honored and valued. 

What will emerge is a meeting that has the power to light up your world, together.

Your nearest may lean over and whisper, “Is this what was on the table at our first meeting?”

“Hmmm, what I remember is art, building community, diversity….. oh, and great pizza,” hisses your dearest, gazing wistfully at the crumbs on the empty platter.

“Sounds grim. Better order some garlic knots, next time,” you clear your throat and ask everyone to pull out their calendars to schedule your next big meeting.

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