Phantom City

Halloween.  A perfect coming together of the ghosts of what might have been built and the living curious via a cool and elegant iPhone app – the Museum of the Phantom City.

Thanks to Benjamen Walker and Allison Lichter,  from WNYC and Cassim Shepard of the Urban Omnibus, I found myself in Bryant Park on the afternoon of Halloween with a group of people clustered around Brett Snyder and Irene Cheng, the designers of this compelling public art project.

Here’s my take away:

Most apps are designed to deliver one way information, diversion, or a service to the person clutching the phone.  This app opens the door for some input from the viewer in the form of a survey and perhaps the beginnings of future app platforms that capture what people think about the decisions that led to the creation of their past, present and future environment.  Or anything else.

Meet ups are fun!

Looking forward to the next one.

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