For Joe, a beer bellied city sanitation worker, springing up from flat feet on pointe in relevé wasn’t hard. It was what happened next that made him wonder if the discipline of dance was something he was ready to dive into.

“Think about lifting from your toes,“ barked the bunhead from the screen. “If you feel yourself keeling over, just pull in your core, and tighten your butt.

Finally, as he wobbled into fifth position, he turned off the video and took a swig of beer.

“That was tougher than it looks,” he said.

Why dance, why ballet? Why bother?

These days, we are all looking for things to learn or to do, perhaps as a way to take some part of our lives into our own hands in an uncertain world. I see it as our natural creative curiosity nudging us to pursue unexpected interests.

What will my life be like now that I have learned more Cantonese, mastered enough basic barbering skills to cut my husband’s hair and discovered a thousand delicious ill advised ways to make homemade gelato? I am really trying hard to resist the temptation to take ukulele lessons.

It seems as if we are looking for ways to insert joyful activities into our daily lives. I don’t know how to fit everything I love doing in a day without fretting about everything I have to get through in order to do so.

Not adding joy to life, but making life joyful, or moonwalking through your day, is the secret of a full life.  Joy is not something to be found, but to be formed.

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