Joy Bucks Club at Long Tan

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tattooed san san wong

When Esther called it “the smart girls club” I immediately invited her to join us for dinner.

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esther and hoong yee

“San San, Huong, Judilee, Cheryl, Roberta…. how fabulous and fun!!!”

The Joy Bucks Club, as we are known, gathered for dinner during the annual Grantmakers in the Arts Conference that took place from Sunday to Wednesday, October 18th to October 21st at the Brooklyn Marriott.  We are a funloving group that, at first blush, seems to be populated by overachieving and probably overcaffeinated Asian women in the nonprofit world.  Oh, and many of us are with nonAsian men, but I digress.

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the joy bucks club at long tan

In Atlanta, the Joy Bucks Club opened its cab doors pulling in others, and as long as they fit the criteria of loving to eat, drink and laugh a lot, they were welcome to drive off with us to one of Atlanta’s awesome restaurants and join us as Joy Buckeroos.

Since I am one of the locals this time, I suggested we go to Long Tan for dinner.  Close enough to the hotel to allow folks like Moy to get back for the cabaret at 9:00 pm.  And to show just how thrilled I am to see my fellow Joy Buckeroos, I decided to create tattoos for everyone.

So, here I am on a rainy Sunday, glaring at my printer which is now out of ink, hours after this bright shiny idea first popped into my head.

Can’t print, can’t figure out how to center instructions on the back, can’t concentrate with Sponge Bob in the background!!!! How am I going to get to WOW if I can’t get through this tech hell!!

I must remain calm.  Slowly, I sink into a deep breath, dispel my demons and summon my eleven year old son, Sky.

“Please please please fix everything.”

I look forward to seeing this group of friends every year and I feel especially inspired to ensure that everyone has a great experience here on my home turf.  It is an honor and such fun to be among some of the most creative thinking people in the arts so I really really need to get these tattoos done!

Sky hands me my freshly printed tattoos – and directions from Rockaway to Brooklyn in case I get boggled by my GPS.  And he also reminds me to get more ink for the printer.

There is nothing like being prepared.  I made sure I had everything I needed for  a fabulous Joy Bucks Club evening – Sky.

After all, I am one of the smart girls!

3 thoughts on “Joy Bucks Club at Long Tan

  1. esther

    what an evening. To get invited to a dinner of perfect food, killer conversation, friends from near and far, and laughing. Big laughing. What a gift. I was sad to see my tattoo come off, sad to leave the fine company….BUT…I’m now seriously plotting on how to get my butt invited to the next one (and the next…)… Yr gonna have to make a tattoo that reads “perennial joy luck club crasher” just for me!

  2. hoongyee

    the joy bucks club would not be the same without you! next time there will be cleavage tattoos – roberta’s idea!

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