How to Fail Your Way to Success


Babysitting, like gardening, is an undignified activity endured hunched over with your hands covered in muck.

Is it any wonder that some people are just not good at it? Yes, Some people just fail at this.

Failure can be a choice.

Choosing to fail?

Who would want to do that, and why?

Failure, like organized sports, crime, and religion, is rarely a solo endeavor. Many other people are invested in the success of the thing you are doing. You are simply a part of a group effort. What if you find yourself doing something that you aren’t that terrific at? Does it make sense to keep trying and falling short of your goal and the expectations of everyone involved?

Or would it make more sense to allow someone else to do the job?

Why not choose to fail for a greater success?

The greatest success in your life may not always be yours to achieve

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