Elevator Pitch


No one ever sold a painting in an elevator.

The elevator pitch is a ridiculous idea because the metaphorical elevator is an even more ridiculous place to make a pitch.

Someone has given you their attention. You are eager to launch into who you are, what you do and why they should care in the space of a few vertical minutes. The person smiles politely and casually eyes the door.  You might even harbor an unsettling suspicion that this person is wondering, “Oh, great! How am I going to get out of here?”

We all want to share what we do with the world. Yes, there are challenges in doing this but the real problem here is that your elevator pitch is all about you and not anyone else.

And what you can get.

Everyone else is reduced to person who could buy your work, fund your project or do something that benefits you. Your energy reflects that point of view and people can sense that immediately. Once they do, they will not trust you and promptly get off on the next floor.

What if you did an elevator ask instead of an elevator pitch? What if you gave the person you are hoping to connect with your attention and began a conversation by asking a question. About them. 

Think about it. If they tell you who they are and what they care about, that means they are beginning to trust you. You can honor that trust by listening so you understand what they want whether or not it is something you can provide.

The energy changes once you change how you see a person, not as someone you can get something from, but someone you can give your respect to.

They will be the ones who will gladly get your message out in the world because of what you have given them first. Start with respecting them enough to not make a pitch.

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