Worker Bee Alert: The Five Warning Signs Your Inner Buzz Is Dying

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I am standing with Chase, the beekeeper, and Jeff, the building owner

the rooftop farm of the Acumen building in Long Island City


“Me, I’m more of a big time enthusiast, ”  said Chase.  He spoke reverently of the serious bee people who drive around the country doing bee related activities.  His involvement with this sweet little industry was a few hives at most.  “I’ve seen honey go for $15 a pound.  And all this, ”  he waved towards the beehives at the far end of the roof.  “will yield a good couple thousand dollars.”

You have to love people who love what they do.  Especially bee keepers.

What about you?

Now I have been a worker bee in many former lives so I am very familiar with those unmistakeable signals from your inner soul that tell you that it is time to make a change.  If you are not eager to start everyday doing something you love, you may notice the following about yourself:

1 You hate Sundays

That stomach ache that announces Monday.  Your shoulders slumping as you think about the week gaping before you like a black hole.

2 You hate the rest of the week

Rinse and repeat.

3 Caffeine doesn’t work

No amount of Joe gets you going.  You are dragging your heels, physically and spiritually.

4 You are not curious about anything

There is nothing that seizes your imagination and allows your mind to visualize solutions or scenarios.  This is very bad because eventually you become satisfied with accomplishing less.

5 Graduate schools look appealing

What does grab your attention is the opportunity to learn something new to enable you to do something else.  You are already out the door and searching for the next thing.

I have spent a lot of time working with people in the arts who have all kinds of challenges making a life of making art.  But one thing they supremely and confidently revolve around is their inner buzz.  Their passion for what they do.  Their life is their art.  Their work is what they do to support their art.

Life is too short to be unhappily employed.  I say do what brings you the most happiness.

Penelope Trunk has a twist on common career advice.   Here’s her advice: Do not what you love; do what you are.

The weekend thread on Corporette offers some tips on changing jobs.

And if any of you are intrigued by the thought of working in a library, Josh Hanagarne can tell you all about his career as a librarian and what he loves about it.

Think about it carefully:  doing what you love and doing what makes you happy are not always the same thing.

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2 thoughts on “Worker Bee Alert: The Five Warning Signs Your Inner Buzz Is Dying

  1. LOL! Don’t think I could look any goofier than I do in that GI Joe T-shirt.

  2. you look like the bees knees. sorry, couldn’t resist!