What Are You Willing To Do For What You Love?

OK, I confess.

I was totally seduced.

The invitation was respectfully intriguing.  I like that. But what really did it was how it made me feel.  Like an A-lister. Desirable.  Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could join us but we totally understand you are so fabulously busy because you are so, well, fabulous. It took every iota of restraint for me not to immediately punch back a reply.  Take your time and compose yourself.  You are a very busy and important person, remember?

Lunch at the Knockdown Center

Alanna Heiss, the force behind PS1 and the Clocktower Productions, invited a few people for lunch to see the beautiful show of Joel Shapiro and Richard Nonas, which closes the following Sunday, June 8th. 20140603_140040

Joel Shapiro’s work

We were also treated to hear Joe Ahearn, the  Clocktower Curator for the next show, Anxious Spaces, tell us about the installation and performance artists who will be in that upcoming show, and Michael Merck, Knockdown’s Director of Visual Arts, who gave us a tour to discuss the upcoming art projects planned for the summer and fall season. This is a sleeping giant of a space with potential rippling from every crevice, every wall of leaded windows, every exposed beam. And with its charm come great challenges. We were invited for lunch and to be champions for this space especially in the aftermath of being denied a liquor license.

20140603_163638 Alanna Heiss of Clocktower Productions, me and John Hatfield of Socrates Sculpture Park

Food for Thought

20140603_143915  I love a team that’s artsy, cute and able to cook.   Go Mike & Tyler!

Alanna told a story about how art can exact a great sacrifice from an artist.   Marc diSuvero, the iconic Long Island City sculptor was in an elevator bringing his art, which is a lot of heavy welded metal, which was a highly risky operation but he was so determined to move his pieces that he put himself in a very dangerous position which resulted in an accident crushing his legs.  In the art world, to “do a diSuvero” is code for “giving your life to art”.

Art, great art, can change lives.  Does it have the right to take a life, or to take away from life?

Here is a sideways video of Alanna Heiss’s vision for the Knockdown Center:



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