How To Create Cool Awards



Does this sound familiar?

You think someone is really great.  So great that you actually want to tell the world and present them with an award in front of hundreds if not millions of people.

You bustle over to the local trophy and award shop and get a plaque they can hang on the wall next to another plaque and fire extinguisher.


You rethink the plaque and go for a trophy with a stand that would look nice on a shelf.  Between the microwave and the toaster oven.

Really lame.


What’s an award presenter to do?

Let’s think this through. The two people being honored at the upcoming QCA Block Party on the backlot of the Kaufman Arts District are Mackenzi Farquer, the owner of Lockwood located at 32-15 33rd Street, Astoria, NY 11106, and George Rallis and Gary Anza, the owners of William Hallet, located at 36-10 30thAve, Astoria, NY 11105 .

These are active, creative people doing amazing things to make Astoria, Queens a great place to live and work.

How do you capture that in an award?

Talk to an artist.

Hey Pablo!

There are artists who are able to create work that is inspired by and for a community.  Some of these artists have been commissioned by the Metropolitan Transit Authority to make art for commuters to enjoy on the subways and in the stations.  These pieces are thoughtful and site specific, relating in design, theme or colors to the neighborhoods they are placed in.

Pablo Tauler is an artist who lived in Astoria, lives in Jackson Heights and surfs in Rockaway.  He has a lot of experience in doing this kind of work.  His pieces can be seen in several sites in Queens and in Philadelphia.

We were sitting on his bungalow porch admiring his newly rigged surfboard rack that looked like an intriguing sculpture.  After I told him about these awards, I asked him,

“What do you think?”

Pablo looked around the bungalow porch we where we were sitting and said,

“I’m thinking wood.”

Several sketches flew between us and just yesterday, these images of the awards in process came in.






These are some models he is working on.  I love the movement I sense in these pieces. They will be sanded and polished with an area for an elegant onyx rectangle where we can inscribe a dedication.  He will also recess a picture hook in the back so that the piece lays flush against  a wall surface.

Quid pro quo

It makes sense. To honor someone for being a creative force in their community, have another creative force – a local artist- capture that in a piece that is in essence, a work of art.

6 thoughts on “How To Create Cool Awards

  1. Marilyn Parker

    Although a confirmed Brooklyn resident, I can’t think of anyone more creative and community-minded to honor people in Queens. Pablo’s work is multi-faceted and original.

  2. hi marilyn

    glad to meet another pablo fan!

  3. I’ve known Pablo a long time and one aspect of his work that blows me away is his facility and inspiration to work in many different media. He’s always challenging himself that way and no matter what the materials are, he always comes up with something that’s distinctly his. These models are beautiful!

  4. they are still in process and i cannot wait to see them once he has finished sanding and polishing them! stay posted for pictures!

  5. This is a marvelous idea, and such a superb way to honor those fine people. They will receive, along with the honor, a wonderful objet d’art that will enrich their environment, emanating the artist’s excellent energy. Pablo Tauler is one extraordinary artist!

  6. pablo tauler

    All of your comments are very nice! Thank you for the inspiration!