Success in Three Words

Heavy Rainphoto by straightfromthecask

I have been on vacation this past week and spent a lot of time around a  fascinating experience.  One that challenged me to learn new skills, become adventurous, daring and completely captivated.

Did I fall in love?


And no.

I bought myself a video game called Heavy Rain upon the recommendation of Frank Lantz, the Interim Director at the New York University Game Center.  It is  LARP game which is short for Live Action Role Play.  As a player, I inhabit the roles, psyches and personalities of the game characters in this murder mystery story, to me a much more intriguing interactive game experience.

Why am I playing this video game with such interest?

I am fascinated by engaged passion.  Young boys like my sons who are between thirteen and twenty spend hours of focused energy playing these games.  I have seen this in the practice rooms of music conservatories and have always wondered how to recreate that phenomenon in other areas of life.

How do you teach passion?

How do you bring someone into that space where time stands still?

Over this past week I realize that I have changed how I think about challenges.  The game challenges me and I always fail a few times before I figure out how to get to the next level.  I expect to fail and I expect to move forward.  Simple and plain.  Failure is incentivized and the player is encouraged to win through failing.

Fail. Forward. Fast.

If I have learned anything by playing Heavy Rain, it is this:  Fail. Forward. Fast.

Fail?  Of course you fail.  Just keep moving forward and do it fast.  That is how you get to success.

What has that done?

Something fabulous.  Thrilling, transformative.

By removing the fear of failure, I am now confident and eager to attempt new things.  By transferring this into the rest of life,  I can only imagine what possibilities lay ahead for me now that I am comfortable with my fearlessness.

Fail. Forward. Fast.

I have written a post recently about achieving success by doing less.  It is really my way of distilling what is truly important to do with your life and what isn’t.  You can achieve more by doing less, fearing less, and failing faster.

A blogger who makes it a yearly practice to frame his goals in three words is Chris Brogan.  I like how he uses his three words to guide his thinking and decisions.  Here’s his post and his three words.

What are your three words for success?

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