The Master Cleanse and the Law of Five Things

“You will love me more when there is less of me.”

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That is what I say to myself in the mirror each time I am beset by the temptation to go off my diet. Seth quickly assures me that he loves me no matter how much of me there is. Mais sans doute, love is a pretty powerful incentive to focus on while doing the Master Cleanse, otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet.  This is my third Cleanse and today is Day 4.  The novelty of not using my teeth makes me smile.  I really look forward to standing on the scale every morning.  I think my voice is sexier now that the cayenne pepper has burnt out all of my vocal chords.

I have lost 12 -15 pounds on each Cleanse.  I have gained more control over my obsession with all things deep fried or chocolate in the name good healthy eating habits.  Actually, all I did was replace the pleasure of unrestrained eating with the indescribable joy of  seeing a lower number on the scale each morning.  Nothing tastes as good as looking thin.

Seth is very supportive of me.  We did a Cleanse together last year and he hung in there!  My boys think I am insane.  Many people think the daily regimen is rather severe including my endocrinologist who is also a weight loss doctor.  He checked my daily metabolism and discovered that my body burns about 2,400 calories a day – that is just sitting around, breathing, doing nothing.  Throw in my daily 5 mile run and I am a calorie burning machine!  I should be losing weight by the minute but I’m not because of my hypothyroid condition and Hashimoto’s Disease.  The really annoying reality is that I have to run , eat like a monk in love and all that will do is barely maintain my weight from increasing.  It is only when I go on the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet and follow the Law of Five Things that I lose weight and maintain focus and clarity.

And what is the Law of Five Things? It is the secret to my success that helps me through each day.


1 Make one thing your focus While I am on my Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet, the one moment of my day that my life revolves around is when I get on the scale in the morning and see a lower number. Of course there are other great internal benefits happening during this diet but I know myself pretty well and the only way I can consistently fight off temptations is to focus on the prize.

2 Share what you are doing Doing this diet is not easy! Find someone who can cheer you on. Seth is my personal cheerleader and all of you are my booster squad.  Let me be truthful, I run into a wall around Day 5 and Day 6 where it is a struggle to keep myself on track.  I am hungry, cranky, not especially pleasant to be within 200 yards of.  These are the times I need to write about what I am going through hoping that some of you have also gone through this and can offer some advice and moral support.  Let’s help each other!

3 Treat yourself well I drink my lemonade from a beautiful crystal goblet that is part of a set we inherited from Seth’s grandmother. All of the ingredients I use are organic and fresh. Join a knitting circle. Demand foot massages if you need them. Don’t you think you deserve the best for yourself?

4 Stretch your mind, stretch your body You will find yourself with more time on your hands now that you are not reaching for a second cup of coffee and a doughnut so maximize this experience by doing some physical, mental and spiritual exercise. I am a runner by obsession so I get out early and knock out 5 miles along the beach every morning before the morning has a chance to overtake me. It gives me the gift of time alone to think, not think, meditate and simply enjoy the beauty of the beach in the early morning. Give yourself this time for your body and soul!

5 Celebrate yourself You are already a winner for making the choice to do this diet. You are more focused, healthier, aware and slimmer than before all because you put your passion and purpose in line to achieve your goal -a healthier and happier you. Congratulations!

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